The Crowded Isolation

By Brooke Stepanek, Ben Smith, and Ethan Sinclair

This infographic depicts loneliness and a lack of communications amongst the characters in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. The first panel focuses on the irony of the characters behaviors and feelings at a party. The nature of a party is to bring people together and yet it is often when people are surrounded by others that they become most aware of their loneliness. The characters feel the same in Mrs. Dalloway. The graph in the first panel depicts the inverse relationship between the amount that characters reference the party and the words lonely and alone. The second panel comments on how Septimus is viewed as an isolated character through numerous mental breakdowns. It also shows the contradiction that when he committed suicide (which is typically a time associated with loneliness) he is a part of a group more than ever. The third panel showcases how the characters speak to each other frequently, but rarely about anything of import. This is quantitated through two graphs that show the uses of the words “said” and “thought.” Combined with the data are aesthetic visuals and color schemes to captivate the reader’s attention.

Dalloway Final Infographic

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*This infographic was designed using Canva and Voyant.


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