A Deadly Day

By Brooke Stepanek, Ben Smith, and Ethan Sinclair

This infographic studies the theme of mortality in Ian McEwan’s Saturday. This theme is displayed through graphs from distant reading analyses about frequencies of specific terms such as “death” and “dead” in the book. Through the correlations between terms such as “dead” and “consciousness” as used through the tool Voyant it reveals how much mortality is in mind. With the use of images and analyzing the effect of war, it is seen how immediate mortality plays a part in the everyday life of Henry Perowne. The overall message of this infographic is that the theme of morality plays a large role in Saturday. By analyzing the theme of mortality, this infographic reveals how the different aspects of mortality affect Henry Perowne’s day.

Infographic FINAL

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*This infographic was designed using Piktochart.