Isolation and Destruction

By Jie Lyu, Michael Griffin, and Naqiya Ujjainwala

This infographic discusses the theme isolation in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein from the perspective of the creature. Because of his unusual identity and terrifying appearance, he is abandoned by his creator, Victor, as well as other people in society. This isolation from humanity leads to his destructive path. The first part of the infographic divides this topic into three main moments: Frankenstein’s creation, his interactions with humans, and his final destruction. A quotation from each corresponding section of the book is included. The second part of the infographic approaches this theme from a more holistic point of view. By using the software Voyant, this infographic reveals the correlation between different words. For example, a high correlation is found between words like “banished” and “life.” The frequency count highlights the use of word like “miserable/misery.” Through these analyses of isolation in Frankenstein, the infographic reveals its deteriorating mental and physical effect on the creature.


work cited: featured image

*This infographic was designed using Canva and Voyant.




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