Conflict Resolution

By Yash Vaidya, Cassady Stewart, Zoë Szczesniak

This infographic demonstrates the theme of conflict in ian McEwan’s, Saturday. More specifically, this infographic demonstrates the air of conflict present among the protesters, the conflict between Henry and Daisy, and the conflict wherever Baxter goes.This idea is represented in the infographic through various close readings and distant analyses. The close readings include specific quotes from various parts of the text to show the discontent present among the Englismen on Feb 15, 2003. The distant reading analysis analyze the the usage of specific words like “But,” “Protest,” “Fear,” and “Baxter” to demonstrate conflict in different parts of the text. The information for these distant reading analyses was gathered using Voyant. This infographic consists of three panels that are dedicated to different conflicts that are present in this novel. Each panel consists of a quote and a distant reading to demonstrate how McEwan used conflict as one of the major themes in the text.


new-piktochart_29650588Works Cited : Featured Image

*This infographic was designed using Voyant and Piktochart.


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