Clinical Reasoning in Saturday by Ian McEwan

By: Naqiya Ujjainwala, Michael Griffin, and Jie Lyu

Saturday Infographic Abstract

This infographic explores how Ian McEwan’s novel Saturday exhibits the theme of clinical reasoning. The novel follows neurosurgeon Henry Perowne’s activities on Saturday, February 15th, 2003. The color scheme of the infographic is a cool gray with black and white to convey the practicality that Perowne portrays in himself. The infographic visually represents a timeline of his day and how his interactions with people convey his logical processes in daily situations. For instance, when Baxter is threatening Perowne after the car accident, all he can think about are the symptoms Baxter is showing for Huntington’s disease. There is then distant readings and other data that presents the information written above in a unique way. This includes, a graph summarizing the frequencies of the medical terminology used by Henry, proving his calculated thoughts and decisions, along with a compare and contrast Venn diagram that studies Henry’s rationality, Baxter’s impulsiveness, and their shared anxieties about death. The infographic concludes with a quote from Henry Perowne that reflects on his past. Even then he utilizes a clinical lens through the word “antiseptic” to describe his childhood fondly.

Saturday Infographic


This infographic was made with Piktochart and Voyant.



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